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About Synergy Efficiency Solutions

Synergy Efficiency Solutions is a company founded on the principles of integrity and loyalty. We pride ourselves in our world-class energy solutions and the success we achieve for our clients.


By combining our expert energy engineers with the latest technologies and concepts for building optimization, our mission is to build the energy efficiency market through the continuous improvement of existing facilities and the creation of efficient, sustainable, new buildings.

Our objective is to drive and develop the energy efficiency market in Asia Pacific. In a region experiencing soaring energy prices due to drastic cuts to energy subsidies and increasing energy demand, we strive to create solutions for our clients that help them remain competitive.

We improve existing buildings by performing highly detailed Energy Audits that provide effective savings opportunities. Synergy Efficiency Solutions assists companies in the implementation of savings solutions by minimizing investment costs through our ESCO financing options.

Our Energy Efficiency Experts create Building Performance Simulations in order to design the most sustainable and energy efficient green buildings, bringing the future of energy efficiency to our clients. We also assist in raising our clients' notability through the achievement of LEED Certification - the most recognized accreditation platform across the globe and the premier make of achievement in green building.

All our expertise leads to one important goal: Energy Savings. Having worked with a range of clients such as hotels, factories, power plants, government agencies, and NGO's, we have proven that an investment in energy efficiency will provide you both short-term and long-term gains, benefiting the environment, improving your public appearance, and increasing your bottom line for years.


"The innovative design strategies used by the energy experts at SES helped Universitas Multimedia Nusantara win the Indonesian Ministry of Energy 2013 award for the Most Energy Efficient building in Indonesia. Thanks to them, UMN has made its mark in history."

Harli Ojong, Chairman of PT MediaLand

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