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Level 1 Energy Audit

SES designed an ESCO (Energy Savings Company) financial support to carry out a Level 1 Energy Efficiency Assessment of Surabaya's Adi Husada Hospital. The 5-storey hospital, employing 250 staff and servicing 130 beds, aimed to reduce their energy costs. After receiving SES's audit report Adi Husada's management implemented only the cost-free efficiency optimizations. These investment-free energy reduction strategies - targeting their boiler, lighting systems, ventilation, cooling systems, and building envelope – saved the hospital 15% on energy costs.

Level 2 Energy Audit

Pleased with the results, Adi Husada's management chose to contract SES in pursuit of the full range of retrofits and efficiency strategies outlined in the initial SES audit report. The engineering team revisited the site and conducted a detailed audit, outlining additional energy savings of up to 40%. The retrofit is financed by the SES ESCO in its entirety, and is currently being paid back through the savings realized by the retrofit. After new equipment was installed the energy bills at the hospital were reduced by 45%.