Hankook Ceramics

Energy Audit



4 Months

Return on Investments

USD $271,250

Energy Consumption Reduction




SES conducted a Level 1 Energy Audit for the Hankook Ceramics factory and identified high potential for energy savings. The suggestions put forth by the audit team reflected substantial opportunities in electrical energy cost savings. By making retrofits to air conditioning units, motors, lighting systems and compressed air systems, an estimated yearly savings of IDR 878,663,239 (USD $75,565) were identified. The required investment to retrofit the equipment was IDR 707,034,099 (USD $60,804) with a payback period of 10 months.

Total gas energy savings calculated from recommendations amount to IDR 2,254,258,681 (USD $193,866) per year. The required investment to retrofit the gas system equipment was IDR 264,724,567 (USD $22,766) with a payback period of 1 month.

SES valued the combined saving potential at approximately IDR 3,132,921,920 per annum with a total payback period of 4 months. Following the detailed suggestions put forth by SES, the Hankook factory will continuously achieve multiple reductions in energy costs and consumption.

In addition, the completion of this audit helped PT. Hankook progress towards complying with the Energy Law No.30 of 2007, and more specifically Government Regulation (PP). 70 year 2009 on the conservation of energy.