Senopati 46 - Herman Miller Showroom

LEED Consultation

USD $153,776

Initial Investments Reduction

Indonesia's First

LEED Platinum Certification

Herman Miller1
Herman Miller2

SES was contracted by Senopati 46 (Herman Miller) to conduct two design reviews for the prestigious Senopati 46 Showroom. The resulting energy efficiency strategies created drastic energy savings and will achieve a carbon neutral operation of the building. The ensuing feasibility study verified that these design strata will allow the Showroom to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

First Design Review:

The energy management experts at SES conducted an introductory design review of the planned Senopati 46 Showroom which led to design modifications and reductions in oversized equipment. These modifications resulted in net capital cost savings of IDR 1,767,545,400 (USD $153,776).

The First Design Review focused on improvements in the following scopes: thermal hot water system, electrical cabling and circuit sizing, solar PV modeling, genset requirements, load shedding, and radiant cooling system. SES also proposed new and innovative concepts such as a water system that treats and recycles all building waste water, a high efficiency cooling system, heat recovery ventilation, and an overall design that ensures the Showroom is carbon neutral.

Second Design Review:

The client selected SES to build upon the scopes of the initial design review in order to complete the optimization of the Senopati 46 Showroom. Additional areas of improvement include: displacement ventilation, pump sizing and costing, water treatment design, and low-flow water fixtures.