Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)

Building Design Optimization


USD $11 Million

Initial Investment Reduction


Solar Panel Area



SES was contracted as the lead energy efficiency consultant for the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) - the largest convention center in Southeast Asia. Working side-by-side with Australia's COX Architects, SES designed a building that will define the future of Indonesia's sustainable architecture. Some of the most notable achievements during this project include:

  • Reduction in initial investment costs by USD 11 million - the result of SES's recalculation of the quantity and size of chillers needed to cool the complex. These calculations were achieved through detailed energy-flow simulations.
  • 6,800m² of solar panels on roofs for the production of renewable energy
  • Devised a financial strategy through which the IIECC will sell its renewable energy to Indonesia's national electricity provider (PLN) for recurring profit
  • Passive ventilation through convertible roofs during non-operating hours
  • Increased natural lighting
  • Increased insulation through compartmentalized cooling zones and low-e double-glazed glass
  • Designed low-energy LED lighting systems throughout the complex
  • Decreased solar irradiation (reduced solar heat-gain) by adding extensions to the building envelope