Energy Audits

Synergy Efficiency Solutions has a 3-Step Energy Saving Solution that maximizes a building’s energy efficiency and cost reduction. We perform a variety of tests to evaluate the current state of energy efficiency and follow up with solutions that deliver optimal energy savings. From evaluation through to implementation, energy savings are achieved.

         energy audit 01                     Energy Audit                     Energy Audit

Step 01 - Detailed Energy Audit

At this stage, we perform a variety of tests through various software tools and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to determine the total energy efficiency that can be achieved. Our Energy Efficiency Experts can also perform specific tests if needed and tailor Energy Audits based on those needs. Once concluded, we provide a detailed Energy Audit Report with the energy efficiency findings. Here are a few of the different tests our Energy Efficiency Experts can perform.    

             Lighting Efficiency                    Cooling Systems                    Pumpt Efficiency
     Lighting Efficiency            Cooling Systems Efficiency            Pump Efficiency

             Motor Efficiency                  Heating Efficiency                    Boiler Efficiency
 Motor Efficiency                    Heating Efficiency                       Boiler Efficiency

             Compressed Air Efficiency                    Power Quality                         Building Envelope
Compressed Air Efficiency        Power Quality                        Building Envelope

Step 02 - Energy Savings Solution

Based on our detailed Energy Audit, our Energy Efficiency Experts and Engineers will assist your management team in recommending targeted savings opportunities. At this stage, we will explain various savings solutions answering many questions, for example: When do you use the most energy? When are you wasting energy? Is too much power being generated that is not necessary? Our engineers will conduct a second on-site inspection to quantify the exact savings potential based on our agreed upon Savings Solution and determine precise costing and calculated payback periods. 
Please give us a call and our team can walk you through a variety of examples.

Step 03 - Energy Savings Implementation

Once completed, Synergy Efficiency Solutions will assign an experienced Energy Project Supervisor to be your company's dedicated representative.  The Energy Project Supervisor will assist in sourcing all of the relevant equipment and materials required.  Once the appropriate equipment and materials are in place, our team of experts work to help ensure the equipment is installed properly and running smoothly to ensure we capture maximum energy savings. Our team further installs software (where necessary), monitoring and verification measures to constantly evaluate the new equipment and measures taken.  Finally, our team can provide ongoing analysis and reporting.

ESCO Financing

If needed, our financial experts will devise an ESCO Financing Strategy for your implementation that suits your needs. Unique to Synergy Efficiency Solutions, we can help finance the entire Energy Savings Implementation - including all costs associated with design, equipment, installation and monitoring. Project costs are paid back through short-term energy savings. You keep 100% of the long-term savings!

We help make that possible with no upfront investment, guaranteeing energy savings and eliminating all risk for your company. Our Energy Efficiency Experts work with all teams to ensure we are in control of the process and can implement smoothly. 

ESCO Diagram

Please contact us to find out if this is a potential option for you.