Lighting Services

Synergy Efficiency Solutions helps develop and design energy efficient lighting systems.


Lighting Savings

Lighting savings

By upgrading your lights, you can reduce your money spent on lighting by up to 60%!

This isn’t just a one-time savings, you will enjoy these benefits year after year as you save money. The sooner you act the sooner you can save, so now is the time.


Lighting Optimization

Lighting Optimization

Are you tired of bad lighting? Do your lights leave your users squinting in the dark or covering their eyes because it is too bright? Optimize your lighting today. Your lighting system can give the perfect amount of light to your building with brand new-cutting edge daylight adjustment technology. During the day, your building can use more natural lighting and save you money, and at night, your new lights will automatically increase to maintain optimal light levels in your building throughout the day.


Lighting Performance

Lighting performance

Stop changing your light bulbs every year.

New lighting technology can make your lights last for 7 years, so you can spend less on maintenance, and more on your business.


Lighting Heat

Lighting heat

Is your building heating up due to inefficient lighting? Stop wasting excess AC on keeping your building comfortable and upgrade your lights today. Upgrading your lights can remove the heat generated from your lights, and keep your building comfortable.

Lighting Audit

Lighting audit

Determining the best lighting practices for your building is done through a lighting audit.  A detailed lighting audit with high-grade industry standard equipment will help you maximize your savings on lighting.


Lighting Upgrading

Lighting upgrading

The best part about upgrading your lighting today is you only need to change the lightbulbs! Our expert team will choose the lights that fit your needs and will save you up to 50% from the total lighting energy you spend.


Lighting Retrofitting

Lighting retrofit

You can reduce your lighting energy used by up to 75% by retrofitting your lights. Our thorough 7 step processes, from a personal needs assessment with you to verification will ensure that you have a modern and cost-effective lighting system.


Lighting Simulation

Lighting simulation

By simulating the lighting conditions in your building using state-of-the-art software, you can be sure that you will have the most optimal lighting system. This simulation is done before any purchase is made, so no energy, time, or money is wasted.