At SES, there is one thing that we care most about, and that is you, our customer. You are the key ingredient in our vision to help make energy efficiency a mainstream practice across Indonesia and take a step in the right direction towards sustainable energy use. You bring tremendous value to us, but we think we can also bring tremendous value to you.



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You will Save Money:

We understand that now, more than ever, businesses and other enterprises across every industry are looking for new innovative ways to cut costs. Our services will save you up to 45% off of your energy bill. You will enjoy these benefits for many years, and don’t save just for the short term.  The best part about this great opportunity is that:


You can save energy and money without putting any money up front!



ESCO Financing:

Let us provide the upfront investment required for you to purchase new, energy efficient equipment. Then we will share the savings with you for the next few years to pay ourselves back. Once you have paid us back, you keep 100% of the long term savings. If we don’t save you money, you don’t owe us anything. You can reduce the energy use of your building and save money in the long term, all for free!



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Save Energy:

At the end of the day, we all want to help preserve our environment. Our business model helps everyone. We can save you money and also do something good for the environment.



Increase Building ComfortYou Can Increase the Comfort Levels in Your building

Many of our clients suffer from uncomfortable thermal conditions in their buildings. This could be due to inconsistent temperatures around your building or high levels of humidity. Our services prove you can save money and improve the comfort levels in your building at the same time.





LEEDCertifiedGet LEED/EDGE certified 

More and more new and existing buildings are moving towards a Green Building certification in an effort to preserve our environment. We understand that the process can be confusing and expensive. It doesn’t have to be though. Our expert team of energy efficiency specialists here at SES can help you get your building certified, and we will develop a custom plan towards certification according to your business’s specific needs.


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