Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

 Energy Audit | Building Performance

49 % Less

Energy than a Standard University


Most Energy Efficient Building in Indonesia

< 2 Years

Return on Investment


Energy Savings


New Campus Low Energy Design

Following the successful retrofit, UMN contracted SES to design a new low cost and energy efficient university campus. The new university building designed by Synergy Efficiency Solutions is using 49% less energy than the Indonesian University standard. UMN has been awarded "Most Energy Efficient New Building" by the Indonesian Ministry of Energy in 2013 and also recognized as "The Most Energy Efficient Building in South East Asia" by ASEAN.

SES is incorporating passive cooling systems, natural ventilation designs, and innovative natural lighting concepts in order to make UMN the first low-energy campus building in Indonesia. The designs are drafted using advanced modeling tools to determine the actual cooling load, optimal cooling technology, and capacity for sunlight. Besides drastically reducing the building's footprint, SES's design strategies result in comfortable temperatures, fresh air circulation, and natural lighting that will enhance the health and productivity of the students and staff.


Existing Campus Energy Audit & Retrofit

UMN engaged SES to perform an energy audit on an existing campus building and subsequently oversee the building's retrofit. In order to cut costs and increase energy efficiency, SES oversaw upgrades of old lighting and motor technology, and designed cutting edge passive ventilation systems and other strategic cooling techniques. Energy savings exceeded 22%, returning the entire investment in less than two years.